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The Brain Game

I have low-level, high-function (when I want to be) form of ADD. It’s been there most of my life, and when I look back on my years in school where I was taxing my physiological resources just to maintain a … Continue reading

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You Big Dopamine – Motivation, Neurology, And Execution

There is a root cause of every problem, but we don’t always know something is a “problem,” and often think whatever “is” just “is.”  Like having 11 toes, that extra piggy isn’t a bother until shoes don’t fit right or … Continue reading

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Managing ADHD Without Medication

It can be done, this whole management of ADHD and ADD without the use of medication.  If you have the precursory chemical and/or behavioral makeup for either, you have likely coped for many years with the struggle of focus, focus, … Continue reading

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The Task of A Thousand Steps Begins Just After This Coffee Break

This post is the first of 30, wherein I will be dropping 30 posts in the month of November as part of NaBloPoMo, or “National Blog Post(ing) Month,” or Nablo Pomo, former left-handed reliever for the class-AA Donxberg Burros.  Long … Continue reading

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Alone In Public

We spent some time in a small berg in Eastern Washington the other day, picking the day that was both the hottest day of the year AND the most-crowded day of the year in that berg.  The effect 11 degrees … Continue reading

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ADD’ing It Up – Alpha Brain, NOW Foods, and Hope

I may have ADD.  I’m pretty sure I can’t chalk up the numerous side-steps and half-done projects of my life to being distracted by others all the time.  Some of these loose ends are perhaps my nature, but some of … Continue reading

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