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Helicopter Parents & GroundPatrol Kids

There are some play areas in public places that are designed for kids around ages “Crawling well-to-4’ish.”  They’re based pretty much on a height limit, usually noted by a body-part of a cartoon animal.  “If you can suckle from this … Continue reading

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Crosswalk to Bear

Every morning’s commute comes to an end just after a brief encounter with any number of people madly crossing streets against the signals.  Within a half-mile of the parking lot are a few encampments for transient folks, a well-attended medical … Continue reading

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Eat It

There’s no way I should be hiding all of the truth from people if this is going to be a readable blog, right?  Who wants to read regurgitated horse-S from a guy who sorta speaks his mind if it’s probably … Continue reading

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ADD’ing It Up – Alpha Brain, NOW Foods, and Hope

I may have ADD.  I’m pretty sure I can’t chalk up the numerous side-steps and half-done projects of my life to being distracted by others all the time.  Some of these loose ends are perhaps my nature, but some of … Continue reading

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Men’s Razors Cut Down To Size – Review

I got to the point recently where I just wasn’t shaving a lot.  It’s not like I was walking the path to indie-coffee barista town, and wasn’t planning on playing a didgeridoo at any point.  Nope, just the daily “meh” … Continue reading

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