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Recap of Crap

Well it’s been a pretty crazy 2 weeks for me.  Even as the year comes to an end, the world of business begins it’s own Casual Friday, and insurance companies stare back from the Abyss, my life has sped up … Continue reading

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Faithful or Paranoid?

There’s a huge difference between the Faithful and the Paranoid. I see religious people reciting or posting or quoting Biblical references all the time – this may happen with the Muslim community as well, though I’ve yet to see them … Continue reading

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Crosswalk to Bear

Every morning’s commute comes to an end just after a brief encounter with any number of people madly crossing streets against the signals.  Within a half-mile of the parking lot are a few encampments for transient folks, a well-attended medical … Continue reading

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Jesus, Heal This Woman

Yesterday’s sermon at church was pretty great, from what I got. Often I am distracted during service in a way that can only be noted as “other Christians bugging me.” This time it was the lady in front of me … Continue reading

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