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Plumber’s Crack

In the renovation of a small condominium (Latin, from Con + Dom + Inium, meaning “a small place to be uncomfortably screwed.”) in preparation for selling it (PLEASE, SEATTLE HOUSING GODS, HANG IN THERE WHILE WE SACRIFICE THIS CAN OF … Continue reading

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The Hairs Of My Chinny-Chin-Chin and neck and shoulders sometimes

Guys… seriously…. Dollar Shave Club. I know, I reviewed razors before.  I did that before I knew of Dollar Shave Club. I got signed up this year as part of my Father’s Day Gift Bag, which included some DSC’s “Dr. … Continue reading

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Thomas The Tank Engine; Very Useful Engine, Kind of an Asshole

There is a toddler-sized unmitigated reverence for Rev. Awdry’s Thomas The Tank Engine stories in our home.  Plenty of books.  Easily 20 lineal feet of Thomas-related branded woodwork, between the train table, table top, and $12-$20 wooden trains co-habitating the … Continue reading

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