Who Is Critical Dad, and What’s He Doin’?

Hey guys,what’s up?

Oh good, another dadblog.  Another dad with a boner for being a dad and just really loving the community and man it’s hard being a dad but the emotional boner for dadhood remains, right?

No.  Critical Dad isn’t about parenting tips – at least not exclusively.  It’s not about facing the side-shat relationship you and your dad haven’t resolved since you got older.  I’m not your therapist.  I’m not going to bore the corn out of you with “my kid did the funniest thing” stories or yet another poignant moment in which my son’s childlike wonder recalibrated my outlook on mattress store sign-holders.

Critical Dad is where I will take apart more than a few products, books, foodstuffs, and/or store policies as I see fit.  I’m not an expert.  I’m a guy Working through a marriage, fatherhood (1 boy, 1 on the way), and the daily living that is the bullshit that for too many people passes as Life.

I know enough to know that I need to learn a lot more, but I’m no mouth-breathing burnout hoping his parents drop so he can really bolster his sword collection with the inheritance droppings.  Not really gansta, either, but I get in my fair share of disputes with people at the store over whether or not they are taking too damn long, and why the hell are they writing a check?

I doubt I’ll change many minds, but ultimately I want to shed light on a few things:

1) Our spending habits as a nation.
2) What we view as “good” vs. “the thoughtless go-to.”
3) How easy it is to open your mind, especially when stuff is free.

So that’s the amuse bouche, if you will, the appy for your happy.
Gab at ya soon, thanks for reading.

About Geoff Lott

Geoff Lott is a "thinking person's comedian" as much as a "drinking person's comedian." Born and raised near Seattle, his writing and comedy is Cloudy with a Chance of Hope. Less offensive than your average nightly news program, Geoff is opinionated with intent, and a rebel without a clause. A comedian, actor, dad, husband, co-worker, weirdo, and great friend, Geoff Lott has a sense of humor like a sommelier's sense of smell; aged well, with a hint of dark chocolate, Irish whiskey, and leather. Credits and press kit available upon request!
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