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Work It Out – Simplifying The Basics

I’m in a weird phase now, having joined a gym and going enough to see results, but not so much as to burn out on the people who go there.  The personalities of gym-goers range from “Aggressively Spray-tanned Wide-Backed Renter” … Continue reading

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Judge Not, Lest… Okay, Ye Judge Me

I judge parents based on the behavior of their child/ren THERE I SAID IT.  Feels good to finally log that one in a place nobody ever sees…  Oh… 400 readers last week… Okay… Judging other parents based on their child’s … Continue reading

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Comment Please

It’s a basic human right that if you have the ability to express yourself, you should be able to express yourself without fear of tyrannical, violent downforce, be it Governmental, Societal, or Cee-Lo.  For real, tho.  However, a growing number … Continue reading

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