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Does a GummiBear Cause You To Sh*t In The Woods?

If you’d like to see how quickly the civilized world is degrading, look no further than the Comments section of any on-line local news story.  What starts as a forum for community members to express their opinions of how much … Continue reading

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20 by 40 – Part 1- Planning

So I’m like 3 months away from my 40th birthday, and I have a particular goal of dropping 20 el-beez.  LB’s.  Pounds.  Lard Bricks.  I wanna drop ’em by the Friday prior to the Super Bowl.  I know I can … Continue reading

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Pretty Much Paleo Pancakes

1/4tsp Baking Soda 1/4tsp Sea salt (It’s all the rage) 2Tbsp whey protein powder (the more grass-fed/organic/isolated the better), vanilla is best 2 eggs (from the closest thing to “homeless” chickens as possible) 1 pretty ripe banana  1Tbsp Almond or … Continue reading

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Donut Do Not

I drive by a TopPot every day on the way to work.  Have never once gone in there.  The half-donut I had after a recent trip was more of a stress munch, and was the only donut I’ve had for … Continue reading

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Eat It

There’s no way I should be hiding all of the truth from people if this is going to be a readable blog, right?  Who wants to read regurgitated horse-S from a guy who sorta speaks his mind if it’s probably … Continue reading

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