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Death With Dignity, Instead of What Some People Deserve

Brittany Maynard recently ended her life at the age of 29, having battled aggressive brain tumors for years.  As the tumors caused greater and more painful moments of being awake, and were found to be inoperable and terminal, Brittany called … Continue reading

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CrowdFund Your Motivation

I’m still not sure if I like crowdfunding, the ability to ask friends or strangers for, and sometimes receive, financial backing for your pet projects.  It’s not exactly on-line panhandling, but it’s not really fundraising.  It IS, I mean, yeah, … Continue reading

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Comment Please

It’s a basic human right that if you have the ability to express yourself, you should be able to express yourself without fear of tyrannical, violent downforce, be it Governmental, Societal, or Cee-Lo.  For real, tho.  However, a growing number … Continue reading

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Little Help From My Friends

I have had a struggle lately in getting feedback from some of my closest friends. As Life goes, we’re busy. We’re not the kind of busy a 25 year-old with a muffin-sweet rump and bleached teeth is with music and … Continue reading

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