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Stage Coaching

I got into coaching for the same reason a lot of parents do; because no one else would. I like sports, grew up playing them, did multiples (soccer, baseball, basketball, football, track & field) and even competed in college. I … Continue reading

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The Brain Game

I have low-level, high-function (when I want to be) form of ADD. It’s been there most of my life, and when I look back on my years in school where I was taxing my physiological resources just to maintain a … Continue reading

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Are You Too Good of a Parent?

I have a term in my vocabulary for people who do little else than bupple-up negative stuff from around the world, things that perhaps aren’t in the brightest of lights, and they feel you really need to understand how this … Continue reading

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The Gig Files – No Mic

If y’all like this post, let me know in the comments or the LIKES! or send me a basket of gluten-free brownies shaped like Jessica Biel or Diane Lane (whatever your local bakery will do for you based on their … Continue reading

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Death With Dignity, Instead of What Some People Deserve

Brittany Maynard recently ended her life at the age of 29, having battled aggressive brain tumors for years.  As the tumors caused greater and more painful moments of being awake, and were found to be inoperable and terminal, Brittany called … Continue reading

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Staph Meeting: The Small Bug That Bites Big

About 2 months ago I hit the busiest period of my life in the past 2 years.  Work was humming along, coaching teeball one night a week (not for the money) working out 3 days a week, and preparing to … Continue reading

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CrowdFund Your Motivation

I’m still not sure if I like crowdfunding, the ability to ask friends or strangers for, and sometimes receive, financial backing for your pet projects.  It’s not exactly on-line panhandling, but it’s not really fundraising.  It IS, I mean, yeah, … Continue reading

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Condo and Condon’t; What I’ve Learned As a Condo Association Board Member

… and how it pertains to real life. You are part of a community, like it or not, big or small, populated or wooded, and you can either be a good part or a bad part. Paying your dues to … Continue reading

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American Microcosm: The Con-do Attitude

Condominium: (CON-doe-min-ee-um) n. From Latin for “domi” (home) and “con” (together).  Also from English for “con-dom,” meaning a small space for an uncomfortable screwing. I made a huge mistake years ago in buying a condo unit.  Basically you get to … Continue reading

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Leading By Bad Example

Years ago now, when I lived in Culver City which is not Los Angeles and shouldn’t be considered as such, I worked at a Casting Services studio for a short stint.  Very cool slice of entertainment, it was a multi-room … Continue reading

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