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KeySmart Product Review: Sleek, Stylish, Slow

If you don’t have time to get to the meat of this, here’s the final judgment: Cool little gadget, but I’d rather have my money back.  Didn’t gel for me. I have a few jangly keys in my rotation that … Continue reading

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Diaper Genie II Review

In the movie Ghostbusters, the heart of the operation is really the Ectoplasmic Containment Unit.  Some would argue it’s Annie Potts character Janine, or even Dana Barrett’s neighbor Louis, played to the understated hilt by Rick Moranis.  But no… it’s … Continue reading

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Review – Tom’s Of Maine Toothpaste – Adults & Kids

I’ve been screwed a number of ways.  Besides the traditional screw-job (voter’s remorse), I often get screwed by products.  In this instance, my wife has purchased 2 versions of Tom’s Of Maine’s toothpaste.  Our first purchase was a few years … Continue reading

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Men’s Razors Cut Down To Size – Review

I got to the point recently where I just wasn’t shaving a lot.  It’s not like I was walking the path to indie-coffee barista town, and wasn’t planning on playing a didgeridoo at any point.  Nope, just the daily “meh” … Continue reading

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