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In the past at my first blog “What You Are Laughing At” I had begun to chronicle the criminal histories of people, usually men, with the middle names of RAY or LEE.  We know many of their middle names due … Continue reading

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Comment Please

It’s a basic human right that if you have the ability to express yourself, you should be able to express yourself without fear of tyrannical, violent downforce, be it Governmental, Societal, or Cee-Lo.  For real, tho.  However, a growing number … Continue reading

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Helicopter Parents & GroundPatrol Kids

There are some play areas in public places that are designed for kids around ages “Crawling well-to-4’ish.”  They’re based pretty much on a height limit, usually noted by a body-part of a cartoon animal.  “If you can suckle from this … Continue reading

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Review – Tom’s Of Maine Toothpaste – Adults & Kids

I’ve been screwed a number of ways.  Besides the traditional screw-job (voter’s remorse), I often get screwed by products.  In this instance, my wife has purchased 2 versions of Tom’s Of Maine’s toothpaste.  Our first purchase was a few years … Continue reading

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