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The Amazing Health Crises Part 1

Don’t get sick, you won’t have anything to worry about. Continue reading

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Writer’s Blah

I have nothing to really write about… to REALLY write about. Nothing. I have a lot of these little frustrations and nits I could wax on about. But it sounds like griping, and the time for the Straight White Male’s … Continue reading

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Plumber’s Crack

In the renovation of a small condominium (Latin, from Con + Dom + Inium, meaning “a small place to be uncomfortably screwed.”) in preparation for selling it (PLEASE, SEATTLE HOUSING GODS, HANG IN THERE WHILE WE SACRIFICE THIS CAN OF … Continue reading

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Coaching The Little Things – Soccer Edition

I co-coached my older son’s soccer team this past few months, boys aged 7 to 8, the U9 level. Last year I coached his team, also, in a less-competitive league with 4v4 play. This year we had the step-up, 7v7 … Continue reading

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To Have Died Young In One’s Prime

I started down a path that would have likely led to some disgruntled comments from people who would know of whom the original post was about.  And therefore I retracted that information.  But I will say this: When people lament … Continue reading

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Leading By Bad Example

Years ago now, when I lived in Culver City which is not Los Angeles and shouldn’t be considered as such, I worked at a Casting Services studio for a short stint.  Very cool slice of entertainment, it was a multi-room … Continue reading

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Putting the NO in Technology

Technology has now officially slowed me down.  Or regulated itself to the point that life is back to the way it was before technology got to helpin’ out.  It’s only as good as its connectivity. See, I tried to call … Continue reading

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Make Time to Take Time

Hey 7 people reading this… Thank you, first of all, for taking time to read what’s here.  My life is so busy lately that the thought of reading, of letting my brain recognize and associate meaning to letter combos, or … Continue reading

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Gimme Moore: I Opened For Bob Saget

I recently had the privilege and pleasure of opening for Bob Saget’s TV Special taping at The Moore Theatre in Seattle.  Before I go any further I must tell you that I was recently told to not be so humble … Continue reading

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