Putting the NO in Technology

Technology has now officially slowed me down.  Or regulated itself to the point that life is back to the way it was before technology got to helpin’ out.  It’s only as good as its connectivity.

See, I tried to call in a refill for a prescription.  Line was busy, try on-line. 3min
Go on-line, website says I need to register for a new account.  2min
Register for a new account.  Email’s taken.  Must have signed up before?  3min
Need a password reset.  Password sent to email address.  3min
Now I need to log in to that email account for a password I wouldn’t need if the line wasn’t busy. 2min
And reset the password.  2min
And log in.  1min
And fill out the Rx info.  3min
3+2+3+3+2+2+1+3 = 19 minutes

Drop off Rx at counter of place by my house = 6min.

It is exactly this type of technology that will drive us right back to talking to each other face-to-face, and then WHAT KINDA WORLD WILL IT BE???

About Geoff Lott

Geoff Lott is a "thinking person's comedian" as much as a "drinking person's comedian." Born and raised near Seattle, his writing and comedy is Cloudy with a Chance of Hope. Less offensive than your average nightly news program, Geoff is opinionated with intent, and a rebel without a clause. A comedian, actor, dad, husband, co-worker, weirdo, and great friend, Geoff Lott has a sense of humor like a sommelier's sense of smell; aged well, with a hint of dark chocolate, Irish whiskey, and leather. Credits and press kit available upon request!
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