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The “Ray – Lee” Files; Female Edition pt 2!

In a rare version of the “Ray-Lee Files” saga, we have a FEMALE participant.It happens, but it’s rare! In blogs-past I have noted that the purveyors of violent crimes seem to have the middle name of Ray or Lee.  I’m … Continue reading

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The “Ray/Lee” Files IX; This Is Real

Sadly, another human smudge with the middle name of Lee has been implicated in a heinous crime.  The crime is sad, the middle name, however, stands as a harbinger of morbidity. “A California Amber Alert was expanded to Oregon and … Continue reading

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In the past at my first blog “What You Are Laughing At” I had begun to chronicle the criminal histories of people, usually men, with the middle names of RAY or LEE.  We know many of their middle names due … Continue reading

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