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Ray or Lee Files, Again

I have a running, not totally complete list of stories regarding crimes perpetrated by people whose middle names are usually “Lee” or “Ray.”  I’m not sure why crime and those middle names are associated with each other; perhaps it’s an … Continue reading

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The “Ray – Lee” Files; Female Edition pt 2!

In a rare version of the “Ray-Lee Files” saga, we have a FEMALE participant.It happens, but it’s rare! In blogs-past I have noted that the purveyors of violent crimes seem to have the middle name of Ray or Lee.  I’m … Continue reading

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The “Ray/Lee” Files IX; This Is Real

Sadly, another human smudge with the middle name of Lee has been implicated in a heinous crime.  The crime is sad, the middle name, however, stands as a harbinger of morbidity. “A California Amber Alert was expanded to Oregon and … Continue reading

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In the past at my first blog “What You Are Laughing At” I had begun to chronicle the criminal histories of people, usually men, with the middle names of RAY or LEE.  We know many of their middle names due … Continue reading

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