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Kids, Guns, Boundaries, and Pit Bulls

I feel like there’s an innate ability to parent a child under the age of 1, basic care and feeding. Most people who have a baby can do that, unless they are warped in some way. Most of it is … Continue reading

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The Time I Met Adam Carolla

A few years ago, about 3+ now, I met Adam Carolla at Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland, WA.  As a comedian and near deviant in my early 20’s, the work of Adam and Dr. Drew on “LoveLine” was a life-saver.  … Continue reading

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20 by 40 – Part 1- Planning

So I’m like 3 months away from my 40th birthday, and I have a particular goal of dropping 20 el-beez.  LB’s.  Pounds.  Lard Bricks.  I wanna drop ’em by the Friday prior to the Super Bowl.  I know I can … Continue reading

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CrowdFund Your Motivation

I’m still not sure if I like crowdfunding, the ability to ask friends or strangers for, and sometimes receive, financial backing for your pet projects.  It’s not exactly on-line panhandling, but it’s not really fundraising.  It IS, I mean, yeah, … Continue reading

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Cold and F-You Season

Just a friendly reminder from your co-worker… Just because you’re coughing up “less” blood doesn’t mean you’re “on the mend.” Stay at home. You missing 2 days of work = 2 days of work missed.  You getting 4 people sick … Continue reading

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The Political Party Parent

In my 4 years of parenting I’ve noticed quite a few things that are likely my own internal judgments come to light… I am a somewhat hyper-vigilant observer, which is a great help for cultivating material for the stage and … Continue reading

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A New Set Of Tireds

Just before she lay down her beautiful head to sleep the other night, my wife took the water glass from next to my laptop (I was working on a presentation for the next day around 9:15 that night), sipped from … Continue reading

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Condo and Condon’t; What I’ve Learned As a Condo Association Board Member

… and how it pertains to real life. You are part of a community, like it or not, big or small, populated or wooded, and you can either be a good part or a bad part. Paying your dues to … Continue reading

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OK, Co-Worker… You’re a Nicehole

He comments on what you’re eating, then backs it up by saying he can’t eat that because he has a medical condition that prevents issue-free digestion of said food.  Then pounds SILK Soy Creamer into his tea.  Dude, it’s chicken, … Continue reading

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American Microcosm: The Con-do Attitude

Condominium: (CON-doe-min-ee-um) n. From Latin for “domi” (home) and “con” (together).  Also from English for “con-dom,” meaning a small space for an uncomfortable screwing. I made a huge mistake years ago in buying a condo unit.  Basically you get to … Continue reading

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