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The Task of A Thousand Steps Begins Just After This Coffee Break

This post is the first of 30, wherein I will be dropping 30 posts in the month of November as part of NaBloPoMo, or “National Blog Post(ing) Month,” or Nablo Pomo, former left-handed reliever for the class-AA Donxberg Burros.  Long … Continue reading

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Cold and F-You Season

Just a friendly reminder from your co-worker… Just because you’re coughing up “less” blood doesn’t mean you’re “on the mend.” Stay at home. You missing 2 days of work = 2 days of work missed.  You getting 4 people sick … Continue reading

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The Political Party Parent

In my 4 years of parenting I’ve noticed quite a few things that are likely my own internal judgments come to light… I am a somewhat hyper-vigilant observer, which is a great help for cultivating material for the stage and … Continue reading

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To Have Died Young In One’s Prime

I started down a path that would have likely led to some disgruntled comments from people who would know of whom the original post was about.  And therefore I retracted that information.  But I will say this: When people lament … Continue reading

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The Hairs Of My Chinny-Chin-Chin and neck and shoulders sometimes

Guys… seriously…. Dollar Shave Club. I know, I reviewed razors before.  I did that before I knew of Dollar Shave Club. I got signed up this year as part of my Father’s Day Gift Bag, which included some DSC’s “Dr. … Continue reading

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More Room In The Locker Room

When trying to figure out if you have an untreated brain tumor, see if you choose the locker right next to the only other locked locker in a 30-locker bay. If so, YES, your brain is being eaten by a … Continue reading

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The “Ray/Lee” Files IX; This Is Real

Sadly, another human smudge with the middle name of Lee has been implicated in a heinous crime.  The crime is sad, the middle name, however, stands as a harbinger of morbidity. “A California Amber Alert was expanded to Oregon and … Continue reading

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I Will Maim Teenagers Drinking At Playgrounds

To The F*ckstain Who Smashed Beer Bottles at the Kid’s Playground: You must be a teenager or somebody else with a very minimal view of the world. You cannot possibly be a good human being at this point in your … Continue reading

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